MLP Master List

Last updated: October 4, 2016

Here for your reference is a what I hope is a mostly comprehensive list of MLP products and MLPs.


Traditionally Structured Midstream MLPs
Ticker MLP Name IPO Year
AMID American Midstream Partners 2011
AM Antero Midstream Partners 2014
ARCX Arc Logistics Partners 2013
BKEP Blueknight Energy Partners 2007
BPL Buckeye Partners 1986
BWP Boardwalk Pipeline Partners 2005
CNNX Cone Midstream Partners 2014
CPPL Columbia Pipeline Partners 2015
CEQP Crestwood Equity Partners 2001
DKL Delek Logistics Partners 2012
DPM DCP Midstream Partners 2005
DM Dominion Midstream Partners 2005
ENBL Enable Midstream Partners 2014
ENLK Enlink Midstream 2002
EEP Enbridge Energy Partners 1991
EPD Enterprise Products Partners 1998
EQM EQT Midstream Partners 2012
ETP Energy Transfer Partners 1996
AZUR Azure Midstream Partners 2013
GEL Genesis Energy 1996
HEP Holly Energy Partners 2004
JPEP JP Energy Partners 2014
MMP Magellan Midstream Partners 2001
MEP Midcoast Energy Partners 2013
MMLP Martin Midstream Partners 2002
NBLX Noble Midstream Partners 2016
NKA Niska Gas Storage 2010
NS Nustar Energy 2001
NGL NGL Energy Partners 2011
OKS ONEOK Partners 1993
PAA Plains All American Pipeline 1998
PBFX PBF Logistics 2014
PSXP Phillips 66 Partners 2013
RMP Rice Midstream Partners 2014
SEP Spectra Energy Partners 2005
SHLX Shell Midstream Partners 2014
SMLP Summit Midstream Partners 2012
SXE Southcross Energy Partners 2012
SXL Sunoco Logistics Partners 2002
SRLP Sprague Resources 2013
TCP TC Pipelines 1999
TEP Tallgrass Energy Partners 2013
TLLP Tesoro Logistics Partners 2011
TLP TransMontaigne Partners 2005
WES Western Gas Partners 2008
WNRL Western Refining Logistics 2013
WPT World Point Terminals 2013
WPZ (formerly ACMP) Williams Partners (formerly Access Midstream) 2010
USDP US Development Partners 2014
VLP Valero Energy Partners 2013
VTTI VTTI Energy Partners 2014
Upstream MLPs

MLPs that own upstream assets.

Ticker MLP Name IPO Year
ARP Atlas Resource Partners 2012
BBEP Breitburn Energy Partners 2006
EVEP EV Energy Partners 2006
LGCY Legacy Reserves 2007
LINE Linn Energy, LLC 2006
MEMP Memorial Production Partners 2011
MCEP Mid-Con Energy Partners 2011
NSLP New Source Energy Partners 2013
VNR Vanguard Natural Resources 2007
Traditionally Structured Other MLPs

This list includes all MLPs that are not midstream MLPs, but are structured like midstream MLPs (with a minimum quarterly distribution). Includes coal, compression, shipping, oilfield services, and everything else. I’m including the wholesale distribution MLPs (LGP, SUSP, GLP) here and not in midstream.

Ticker MLP Name IPO Year
APU Amerigas Partners 1995
ARLP Alliance Resource Partners 1999
CLMT Calumet Specialty Products 2006
CELP Cypress Energy Partners 2014
CPLP Capital Products Partners 2007
CQP Cheniere Energy Partners 2007
DLNG Dynagas Partners 2013
APLP ArchRock Partners 2006
FGP Ferrellgas Partners 1994
GLOP GasLog Partners 2014
GLP Global Partners 2005
GMLP Golar LNG Partners 2011
FELP Foresight Energy Partners 2014
CCLP CSI Compressco Partners 2011
HCLP Hi-Crush Partners 2012
HMLP Hoegh LNG Partners 2014
KNOP KNOT Offshore Partners 2013
CAPL CrossAmerica Partners 2012
NMM Navios Maritime 2007
NRP Natural Resource Partners 2002
OCIR OCI Resources 2013
WMLP Westmoreland Resource Partners 2010
RNO Rhino Resources Partners 2010
SDLP Seadrill Partners 2012
SGU Star Gas Partners 1995
SPH Suburban Propane Partners 1996
STON Stonemor Partners 2004
SUN Sunoco LP 2012
SXCP Suncoke Energy Partners 2013
TGP Teekay LNG Partners 2005
TOO Teekay Offshore Partners 2006
RIGP Transocean Partners 2014
USAC USA Compression Partners 2013
WLKP Westlake Chemical Partners 2014
Variable Distribution MLPs

MLPs that have no minimum quarterly distribution and have elected to pay out their cash flow as it is produced, such that distributions per unit vary along with cash flow of the MLP.

Ticker MLP Name IPO Year
ALDW Alon USA Partners 2012
CVRR CVR Refining 2013
DMLP Dorchester Minerals 2003
EMES Emerge Energy Services 2013
NTI Norhtern Tier Energy 2012
OCIP OCI Partners 2013
RNF Rentech Nitrogen Partners 2011
TNH Terra Nitrogen 1992
UAN CVR Partners 2011
VNOM Viper Energy Partners 2014
MLP General Partner Holding Companies

Companies whose primary assets are G.P. and L.P. interests in their subsidiary MLP, or are corporations that operate midstream assets.

Ticker Name IPO Year
AHGP Alliance Holdings GP 2006
ATLS Atlas Energy 2006
EQGP EQT GP Holdings, LP 2015
ENLC EnLink Midstream, LLC 2004
ETE Energy Transfer Equity 2006
NSH Nustar GP Holdings 2006
OKE ONEOK Inc 1985
PAGP Plains GP Holdings 2013
TEGP Tallgrass Energy GP, LP 2015
WMB The Williams Companies 1984
WGP Western Gas Equity 2012
Other Publicly-Traded Companies that Own G.P. Interest in an MLP

Corporations that own GP interests in an MLP, but the GP stake is not their primary asset.

Ticker Name MLP Subsidiary
DK Delek US Holdings, Inc. DKL
D Dominion Resources DM
EQT EQT Corporation EQGP
ENB Enbridge, Inc EEP
AROC ArchRock, Inc, Inc. AROC
HFC HollyFrontier Corp HEP
L Loews Corporation BWP
LNG Cheniere Energy, Inc. CQP
MPC Marathon Petroleum Corp MPLX
PSX Phillips 66 PSXP, DPM
SDRL Seadrill Ltd. SDLP
SE Spectra Energy Corp SEP, DPM
SXC SunCoke Energy SXCP
TK Teekay Corp TGP, TOO
TRP TransCanada Corp TCP, CPPL
TSO Tesoro Corp TLLP
VLO Valero Corp VLP
WNR Western Refining WNRL
Other MLP Related Securities

These are derivative securities that own interests in their affiliated MLPs. Each one is slightly different, but the idea is to allow for tax exempt investors (individual and institutional) concerned with UBTI and K-1s to gain exposure to the individual MLP.

Ticker Name IPO Year
CQH Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC 2013
EEQ Enbridge Energy Management LLC 2002
LNCO LinnCo, LLC 2012
Extinct MLPs

This category includes MLPs that used to trade and for whatever reason no longer trade. These MLPs were either acquired or went out of business. I am including the GPs that were bought out by their MLPs in this list. There are many more in the 1980s that I don’t know enough about, if you have info on those, send them and I will add them.

Ticker MLP Name IPO Year
Arcadian 1992
ATN Atlas Energy Resources 2006
APL Atlas Pipeline Partners 2000
Borden Chemicals and Plastics 1987
BGH Buckeye GP Holdings 2006
CPNO Copano Energy, LLC 2004
CEP Constellation Energy Partners 2006
CNPP Cornerstone Propane Partners 1996
CMLP Crestwood Midstream Partners 2011
DEP Duncan Energy Partners 2007
El Paso Refinery 1989
EROC Eagle Rock Energy Partners 2006
ENP Encore Energy Partners 2007
EPE Enterprise GP Holdings 2005
Entex Energy Development 1984
EOTT Energy Partners 1994
GTM Gulfterra Energy Partners 1993
HPGP Hiland Holdings 2006
HLND Hiland Partners 2005
Huntway Partners 1988
NRGP Inergy Holdings 2005
KPP Kaneb Pipe Line Partners 1989
KSL Kaneb Services, LLC 2001
KSP K-Sea Transportation 2004
LRE LRR Energy 2011
MGG Magellan Midstream Holdings 2006
NPL National Propane Partners 1996
OSP OSG America 2007
PPX Pacific Energy Partners 2002
PVG Penn Virginia GP 2006
PSE Pioneer Southwest Energy Partners 2008
PDH Petrologistics 2012
PRCU Pride Companies 1990
QEPM QEP Midstream 2013
QELP Quest Energy Partners 2007
RGP Regency Energy Partners 2005
RRMS Rose Rock Midstream Partners 2011
SFL Santa Fe Pacific Pipeline Partners 1988
NGLS Targa Resources Partners 2007
TPP TEPPCO Partners 1990
USS U.S. Shipping Partners 2004
VLP Valero Natural Gas Partners 1987
WMZ Williams Pipeline Partners 2008
KMP Kinder Morgan Energy Partners 1992
WPZ Williams Partners 2005
EPB El Paso Pipeline Partners 2007
QRE QR Energy 2010

MLP Products

MLP Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

These securities own MLPs directly and are structured as corporations (unless otherwise noted as RICs), which solves the UBTI issue, because the corporation pays the taxes. The layer of tax leakage makes these vehicles not track their underlying indexes well.

Ticker ETF Name IPO Year
AMLP ALPS Alerian MLP ETF 2010
MLPA Global X MLP ETF 2012
YMLP Yorkville High Income MLP ETF 2012
YMLI Yorkville High Income Infrastructure MLP ETF 2013
MLPJ Global X Junior MLP ETF 2013
ENFR (RIC) ALPS Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETF 2013
MLPX (RIC) Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETF 2013
EMLP (RIC) First Trust North American Energy Infrastructure ETF 2012
MLP Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)

There is huge disparity among the ETNs in terms of AUM, ranging from $6bn down to less than $20mm (as of December 2014).

Ticker ETN Name IPO Year
AMJ JPMorgan Alerian MLP Index ETN 2009
ATMP Barclays ETN+ Select MLP ETN 2013
MLPI UBS E-TRACS Alerian MLP Infrastructure ETN 2010
MLPC C-Tracks Miller/Howard MLP Fundamental Index ETN 2013
MLPS UBS E-TRACS Short Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index ETN 2010
IMLP iPath S&P MLP ETN 2013
MLPN Credit Suisse Cushing 30 MLP Index ETN 2010
AMU UBS E-TRACS Alerian MLP Index ETN 2012
MLPY Morgan Stanley Cushing MLP Hi Income ETN 2011
MLPG UBS E-TRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP ETN 2010
MLP Closed End Funds
Ticker Fund Name IPO Year
TYG Tortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp. 2004
TTP Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund (RIC) 2011
NTG Tortoise MLP Fund 2010
FEN First Trust Energy Income and Growth 2004
FEI First Trust MLP and Income 2012
FPL First Trust New Opportunities MLP & Energy Fund 2014
FIF First Trust Energy Infrastructure (RIC) 2011
KYN Kayne Anderson MLP Investment Co 2004
KYE Kayne Anderson Energy Total Return (RIC) 2005
KMF Kayne Anderson Midstream Energy 2010
FMO Fiduciary Claymore MLP Opportunity 2004
JMF Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return 2011
SRV Cushing MLP Total Return 2007
CEM Clearbridge Energy MLP 2010
EMO Clearbridge Energy MLP Opportunity 2011
CTR Clearbridge Energy MLP Total Return 2012
SMF Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure (RIC) 2011
SMM Salient Midstream & MLP (RIC) 2012
NML Neuberger Berman MLP Income 2013
MIE Cohen & Steers MLP Income & Energy (RIC) 2013
CBA Clearbridge American Energy MLP 2013
CEN Center Coast MLP and Infrastructure Fund 2013
GMZ Goldman Sachs MLP Income Opportunity Fund 2013
GER Goldman Sachs MLP & Energy Renaissance Fund 2014
DSE Duff & Phelps Select Energy MLP Fund 2014
MLP Open End Mutual Fund Companies

Companies that offer open-end mutual fund structures for MLP exposure.

  • CBRE Clarion
  • Center Coast
  • Tortoise
  • Fiduciary Asset Management
  • Cushing
  • Alerian
  • Advisory Research
  • Steelpath
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Clearbridge
  • BP Capital
  • Prudential Jennison
  • Salient
  • Cohen & Steers
  • MainGate
  • Eagle Global