MLP Week Thoughts: Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

MLPs crossed back over “the 300” two more times this week, but finished on the good side and +1.2% on the week.  Large cap MLPs beat smaller MLPs as evidenced by the spread between the AMZ and its equal weight cousin.  Interest rates pushed higher, but yield-based equities found support while the S&P 500 traded sideways. Oil prices bounced

Week Thoughts: MLPs Lag Despite Right Stuff

MLPs rallied this week, but underperformed the S&P 500 (more on that below).  Winter showed up in force, sending front month natural gas to its highest level in years. Interest rates rose a bit and may have held MLPs back, but doesn’t seem like it when utilities nearly kept pace with the broad market. PEOTUS Donald Trump is doing his best to

Week Thoughts: MLPs Can’t Win For Losing

MLPs declined for the week overall after serious de-risking Monday and Tuesday, followed by one glorioius day on OPEC Wednesday, then we got choppy trading the rest of the week.  MLPs finished the week 2.1% higher than Tuesday’s close and finished positive on Friday, but the sector has underperformed other commodity beta stocks in the short sample size

Week Thoughts: Stepped Over

The MLP Index finished the week flat overall, despite big declines from SXL and ETP (13.1% combined index weight), and a 3.5% gap down in oil prices in brief trading Friday.   The broad stock market grinded higher, interest rates stopped going up, and natural gas prices soared back above $3.00. If OPEC doesn’t continue to wreak havoc on oil

MLP Week Thoughts: Two Steps Forward

Optimism about OPEC and Old Man Winter swept MLPs higher this week, defying higher interest rates again to finish up 2.1%.  It was the first time MLPs traded up 2%+ in consecutive weeks since February. Oil finished the week back above $45/bbl, and the AMZ finished back above 300.  MLPs are in good shape heading into the last 28 trading days of the year,

Week Thoughts: MLPs Trumped Up…Trickle Down

The stock market experienced shock, then awe overnight Tuesday, erasing a massive initial drop to finish up huge Wednesday.  MLPs rallied bigly on Wednesday and Thursday, trading counter to a selloff in REITs and utilities due to the sudden increase in interest rates based on the expectation of Trumpflation from the assumption of fiscal stimulus and lower

Week Thoughts: MLPs Fall Back (Again)

The headline as the stock market limped to the finish line with another down was that the S&P 500 hadn’t been negative for 9 days straight in 36 years. In other words, we are in the midst of the longest losing streak for the stock market of my lifetime.  MLPs finished down another 1%-ish Friday, fading into the close too.  MLPs are down only 7

Week Thoughts: Oil and Equity Don’t Mix

MLPs dropped 2.8% (including distributions) this week, the first week since May that included two days with 1%+ declines. Notwithstanding the obvious and likely reasons that MLPs sold off (falling oil prices, rising interest rates, mixed earnings, a large equity offering, etc.), it’s not uncommon for MLPs to selloff around distribution payment season. 

Week Thoughts: Early Results are In

MLPs rallied 1.4% this week, outperforming the stock market and oil prices, which were both positive as well.  In fact, basically everything was up slightly on the week, including the US dollar and U.S. Treasuries, everything was up (except natural gas prices). MLP/midstream earnings season kicked off with KMI.  While it is still too early to call