MLPs – All Sixes

While Japan and the Middle East are "at Sixes and Sevens", MLPs are all Sixes Wild ride, but almost a flat month - MLPs finished March negative for the month, the first negative month for the MLP Index since August of last year, so six consecutive positive months.  At the trough on March 15th, the index was down 6% for the month, but rallied hard (along

Week Thoughts

Big M&A and PIPEs – flashback to 2007 this week as MLPs erase dip and grind higher No equity offerings this week, and a recovering broader stock market led to outsized gains for MLPs, as the sector played catch up after digesting the equity issued earlier in the month. Big Acquisition Moves Market The biggest deal driving stock prices this

MLP 101 Presentation

Here is an MLP 101 presentation I put together a while back that is a pretty good overview of the basics of MLPs. MLP 101_Curbstone Enjoy, feedback is welcome.

MLPs: Quick Weekly Recap

MLPs Drop on Global Issues and Are Reminded: There is a Limit to Investor Demand for More MLP Paper The MLP Index closed down 3.7% for the week, the largest weekly drawdown since May of last year, and the first significant drop week over week since January.  Some of the weakness this week definitely had to do with the several equity offerings that came

KMI: Snap Take

Someone asked me for my general thoughts on KMI today, thought it would be appropriate to offer them here as well. We are (as of today) owners of KMI, in the interest of full disclosure. KMI is currently trading at a 3.76% yield, KMP is currently trading at a 6.4% yield. If we assume that KMP grows it's distribution 4.5% per year for the next 5 years,

Heinz vs. Hinds: Taxes on Foreign MLP Investors

I have been asked before by foreign investors, can I buy MLPs?  I knew they could buy them, but didn’t have a cohesive answer on what the tax implications would be to a foreign investor directly investing in a publicly-traded partnership or MLP.  So, I tried to find out on the internet and by going through SEC filings of MLPs or FAQ sections of MLP

Return of KMI: Kinder Morgan Files GP IPO

While the rest of the sector has been zigging, Kinder Morgan is planning to zag.  After a rash of consolidations in the publicly-traded MLP GP subsector in the past year that saw EPE, NRGP, BGH, PVG (pending) and MGG (2009) all get consolidated into their subsidiary MLPs, Kinder Morgan has filed to take its general partner holding company public.  The

You Choose: All Three 7.5% Yield!

It has been several months since my last post, and although it's cliche, I have been very busy.  I do plan to continue to write regular blog postings on MLPs once things settle down (probably starting in October). One topic I would love to write about in detail if I had the time today would be this: I own 3 very different MLPs (EEP, NRGY and RGNC), all

Lingering ENP Questions

Ordinarily an article about a company I own is taboo, but this posting is not about “talking my book”, it’s about opening a dialogue about a company with many questions, and about which not many people are talking.  Encore Energy Partners (ENP) is the often overlooked E&P MLP subsidiary of Encore Acquisition Company (EAC), which was recently