Return of KMI: Kinder Morgan Files GP IPO

While the rest of the sector has been zigging, Kinder Morgan is planning to zag.  After a rash of consolidations in the publicly-traded MLP GP subsector in the past year that saw EPE, NRGP, BGH, PVG (pending) and MGG (2009) all get consolidated into their subsidiary MLPs, Kinder Morgan has filed to take its general partner holding company public.  The

You Choose: All Three 7.5% Yield!

It has been several months since my last post, and although it's cliche, I have been very busy.  I do plan to continue to write regular blog postings on MLPs once things settle down (probably starting in October). One topic I would love to write about in detail if I had the time today would be this: I own 3 very different MLPs (EEP, NRGY and RGNC), all

Curbstone 4Q Letter

Dear Internet...It's been a while since my last post, but I plan to get back on a regular posting schedule next week.  For now, click the link below to read Curbstone's latest quarterly market commentary, written by Ryan Krueger and myself.  I look forward to feedback from you people of the internet. Curbstone Quarterly Letter_4Q2009

MLP Blog – First Post

Welcome to my blog on MLPs.  Because it's such a small industry dominated predominantly by wealthy retail investors that learned about MLPs from their brokers, there is not much information available on MLPs outside of the big wirehouses.  People often come to me when they want information on MLPs.  My good friend Kareem Hamady came to me recently and