Posting drought

Sorry for the posting drought this week, been buying MLPs as they crater from all time highs. The sector as of writing is off 6.6% since last Thursday. Earnings haven't been great for most MLPs, but they are far from bad. Crude and energy weakness is probably good for volume demand for MLPs (unless crude weakness is from lack of demand). Tax scare is a

Week Thoughts on MLPs

Equity offerings, earnings releases, distribution announcements, and some M&A…busy week for MLPs. I’m still digesting it all, and if my son didn’t throw up all over himself (and the car-seat) on the way to school and if my mother in law didn’t break my kitchen sink this afternoon, I might have had more time to read today, and have more

8 Decade Secular Trend

I’m trying to figure out if there are any conclusions to be drawn from the U.S. Census data for 2010, see if I can get my tax money's worth out of it....  Massachusetts grew in population by 3.1% from 2000 to 2010, and the New England region as a whole grew in population by 3.2%.  By comparison, Texas grew its population by 20.5% in the last ten years,

Where Does Your Gas Come From?

Where does your gas come from?  I use natural gas to heat my home in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The company that supplies the gas sources most of its natural gas from two pipelines, Tennessee Gas Pipeline (owned by El Paso Corporation) and Algonquin Gas Transmission (owned by Spectra Corp).  Those two large pipelines are interconnected to supplies as far

Week Thoughts

Happy almost tax day!  This week, as MLP investors everywhere are paying their recapture ordinary income taxes for MLPs sold in 2010, the market didn't do much, and neither did MLPs.  The S&P 500 finished the week slightly lower than the previous week, while MLPs barely moved, down or 0.1%.   Interest rates were down this week as well. The

Institutional Ownership Stats

Someone recently brought up to me that given how few MLPs there are (80 or so), and given all the new money flowing into the space, doesn't that necessarily mean that valuations get out of whack.  The classic case of two much money chasing too few ideas, particularly when the mandate of these funds is specific to MLPs.  So, I am trying to figure out just

Bigger They Are…?

When the market cratered for a few days last month and it seemed like the end of days came a year early, it was interesting to see EPD (on no news) trade off significantly more than the smaller and less liquid MLPs.  There was even a few minutes when stink bids were getting hit for EPD at $10 below the previous trade.  I didn’t see any of that from the

MLPs – All Sixes

While Japan and the Middle East are "at Sixes and Sevens", MLPs are all Sixes Wild ride, but almost a flat month - MLPs finished March negative for the month, the first negative month for the MLP Index since August of last year, so six consecutive positive months.  At the trough on March 15th, the index was down 6% for the month, but rallied hard (along

Week Thoughts

Big M&A and PIPEs – flashback to 2007 this week as MLPs erase dip and grind higher No equity offerings this week, and a recovering broader stock market led to outsized gains for MLPs, as the sector played catch up after digesting the equity issued earlier in the month. Big Acquisition Moves Market The biggest deal driving stock prices this