MLP Week Thoughts: Watch for Creeping Staleness

Before I get into this week's news and thoughts, I want to take  minute to reminisce on the last 365 for MLPs and the market.  Last year, on April 28, 2011, the MLP Index closed at 390.0, its highest close for 2011.  The next five trading days were down, chopping 6.6% off the index in the process.  MLPs continued lower throughout the summer, bottoming

Executing my Own Dropdown Story

Haven't been able to post or think much about posting the last 6 days. My wife gave birth to our 3rd child at 2am on July 5th.  Having 3 kids under 5 is much more challenging thus far than having 2. Its more of a multiplier than an economy of scale thing so far. With this 3rd and final kid, phase 1 of my personal dropdown story is over.  Phase 2 is

2011 MLP Conference

I got the registration email for the MLP conference today, thought I'd pass it along to you.  Come on down to Greenwich May 25-26.  The conference is always an interesting time to wander the halls and get a feel for the very real cliques among the investors in the space as well as the lawyers, bankers and brokers.  There will be bankers wining and dining