MLP Conference Surprises

There were a few surprises this year at the MLP conference, I'll try to summarize some of them below.  Boardwalk Equity - Last year, WES issued equity immediately after the conference. I spoke with Benjamin Fink (CFO of WES) about the offering last year, and how awkward the last few one on one meetings were before the press release for the equity

MLP Conference: Sentiment Positive (as Always)

The most important thing to remember about what you hear anywhere: the messenger is as important is the message.  This is definitely important to remember at the MLP conference, be wary of what research analysts say, be wary of what management says, be wary of what investors say. For example, at the beginning of the conference, Kevin McCarthy and Dave

Posting drought

Sorry for the posting drought this week, been buying MLPs as they crater from all time highs. The sector as of writing is off 6.6% since last Thursday. Earnings haven't been great for most MLPs, but they are far from bad. Crude and energy weakness is probably good for volume demand for MLPs (unless crude weakness is from lack of demand). Tax scare is a