MLP Week Thoughts: Too Quiet…Expect Equity

MLPs had a quiet week, up 0.8%, the 4th straight positive week for the Index.  Click here to read my post about the week's winners and losers, and how the index fared compared with a melt-up in gold and oil resulting from geopolitical tension with Iran and geo-financial exhuastion with Europe and Greece. The MLP Index benefited this week from solid

Winners & Losers: Oil and Gold Outshine MLPs

The MLP Index finished this week up for the fourth straight week, and up for 7 of the last 8 trading days.  It was also the second straight week that the index finished at all time highs.  The S&P 500 finished up for the second straight week, as well, but only slightly.  Oil was the story this week, rising 5.5% on geopolitcal tension.  Natural gas

Natural Gas is Old News, NGL Price Decline in Focus, is Oil Next?

The talk for the last few months has been natural gas price declines, drilling curtailments, adjusting to a newer normal of natural gas prices below $3.00 on a sustained basis, after having only recently adjusted to the new normal of natural gas below $4.00.   The focus has shifted to NGL prices this quarter.  Earnings calls Q&A's were chock full of

MLP Distribution Growth vs. Total Returns

My latest column is up at, entitled "MLP Distributions: Turning CAGRs into Dollars".  In it, I discuss 3 quadrants of distribution growth (top 10 fastest growing, bottom 10 and middle 10), and how those quadrants have performed relative to their peers over the last few years.  The synopsis is that (no surprise) the fastest distribution

Winners & Losers: MLPs Post Biggest Weekly Gain of 2012

On the back of rising commodity prices, a reprieve from equity offerings, and benign broader stock markets, MLPs had a very good week, up 2.7% compared with the S&P 500, which was up 1.4%.  This represented the biggest one week price change for MLPs so far this year, which isn't saying much given that we just finished the 7th trading week of the year.

Column: MLP Acrophobia

It's been a busy week, hence the lack of posts.  I'm in Austin after a full day of house hunting, more on my pending move from Boston to Austin later. In other news, I'll be writing a weekly column for on MLPs.  I plan to publish every Thursday there, and will continue my weekend posts here.  My first column, released today, was a review

Winners & Losers: All Quiet on MLP Front

MLPs had a slightly positive week, compared with a slightly negative week for stocks and gold, and a mixed week for oil and natural gas.  There was more Greek "news" that I tuned out for the most part, but there was not much other news this week. MLPs had a boring week as well.  There were some positive project announcements out of PAA, BPL, CPNO,

MLP Ex-Dividend Dates Ex-amined

MLP price performance is seasonal, with the four seasons coinciding with each payment of quarterly distributions.  The first month of each quarter historically has been a strong month (January, April, July, October), and the second month of each quarter (February, May, August, November) is usually weak.   In fact the only 4 months of the year that have

Week Thoughts: MLPs Overshadowed by Jobs, Stocks and Football

MLPs under-performed stocks this week, an ongoing trend early in 2012.  MLPs were up 0.6%, compared with 2.2% for the S&P 500.  This week's under-performance was to expected, as like last week, many MLPs passed through their ex-dates this week.  More on how MLPs tend to do after ex-dates below.   Surprise positive economic datapoints dominated the