MLP Week Thoughts: Muddling Through Earnings Season

MLPs 5 week streak ends, MLPs down 1.2% on a total return basis this week, compared with +1.7% for the S&P 500, and +2.8% for gold.  MLPs were dragged down by oil, natural gas and NGL price declines.   The MLP Index has returned a total of 4.4% year to date and 16.0% year over year, compared with 11.5% (YTD) and 8.6% (year over year) for the S&P

Winners and Losers: MLPs, Energy Sidelined As Market Rallies

After5 straight positive weeks, MLPs fell this week by 1.2%, trailing the S&P 500 and gold price, both of which were up this week.  MLPs typically don't fare too well during the first few weeks of August, but we'll see in a few weeks whether this week's negative price action was a pause on the way to higher highs, or just the next leg down in the range

Column: MLP Class System, Kinder Morgan

My latest column is up at  The column is my latest attempt to personify MLPs, this time to the point of comparing some of them to trust fund babies and step-fathers.  Essentially the drop down MLPs are the trust fundies and the independent MLPs are the self made ones.  Pretty inspiring stuff, I over to read the rest.

MLP Week Thoughts: Just the Stats

MLPs are up 5 weeks in a row, a total of 10.5% during that streak.  The last time the MLP Index was up at least 5 weeks in a row was the streak of 8 weeks that ended October 15, 2010.  Positive streaks of 5 or more weeks have happened 19 times since 2000, with a high of 11 straight weeks (ending July 2005) and an average of 6.5 weeks. MLPs were up 2.2%

MLP Week Thoughts: Taking Stock After Another Good Week

MLPs are up 4 weeks in a row, including 1.8% this week, making investor pockets a little greener.  Ethane and propane spiked this week, oil and gas were also up, stocks were flat again.  Oh, and there was a bunch of rain and lightning all over Texas, making the grass a little greener on my lawn. This time of year is always a good time for me to stop

Winners & Losers: Oil Up, MLPs Up, Earnings Up Next

MLPs were up 1.8% for the week, continuing to gain on the S&P 500, which was basically flat again this week despite some downs then ups in the interim.  Despite breaking its 9 day winning streak with a slight pause on Tuesday, the MLP Index is up 12 out of the last 13 days.  Oil and natural gas were the big movers and likely the drivers of MLP

Week Thoughts: MLPs Clean Up

MLPs were up 2% when almost everything else was down or flat this week.  Treasuries were also  up, sending the interest rate on the 10-year lower, but I don't believe there is much of a causal relationship between week to week changes in interest rates and week to week MLP performance.  Certainly MLP relative strength of late has something to do with

Winners & Losers: MLPs Float On

Like the one house (mine) on the block that had everyone asleep and lights out before fireworks started on Wednesday, or like the one person in that house (me) who remained awake to watch the fireworks that were blasting 360 degrees around my house, MLPs refused to go along with the crowd this week.  MLPs were up 2.0% in a week of weak jobs data, lower

Week Thoughts: MLPs Finish Lousy Quarter Strong

MLPs finished the week up 3.7%, but finished the quarter with a negative 2.3% total return, slightly better than the S&P 500.  MLPs are roughly flat year to date, compared with +5.2% through 2 quarters last year.   The first 6 months for the MLP space were the worst since the first 6 months of 2008.  But for now, we'll focus on the trend, and for