State of the MLP IPO Market

MLPs are trailing the broader market if you follow the Alerian MLP Index.  But the 2012 MLP IPO Index (if there were such a thing) is far outpacing virtually anything else.  And while not a 100% sure thing (PDH is the one exception this year), MLP IPOs have almost never been hotter.  The only comparable time period in the history of MLPs was 2007, the

MLP Winners and Losers: IPO Market Still MPLX-cellent

This week,  MLPs again outperformed in a down week for the market and oil prices, and again it can largely be attributed to investors who would rather not sell when a distribution is set to be paid in a week or two.  Some of that technical strength should go away starting next week, and MLPs will probably under-perform in the next few weeks, as is

Week Thoughts: IRS, PLRs, MLPs, IPOs (and other Acronyms)

Rather than break it up this week, I'm just going to do one big monster post.  Not that you care, but the reason is that I'm leaving Sunday night for another conference in Vegas, this one the OPIS Supply Conference.  It should be great timing and a chance to talk about refinery MLPs, logistics MLPs from corporations that own refineries (MPLX), and refined

Week Thoughts: VPs Debate, Gas Inflates, MLPs Deflate…Distributions to Disinflate?

MLPs did ok this week on very little company-specific news, aside from several distribution announcements that mostly fell inline of expectations.  Energy didn't even get warrant much discussion during the VP debate this week, which I guess is a good thing.  In the absence of news, commodity prices drove the bus, which helped MLPs outperform the S&P

Winners & Losers: MLPs Less Bad

MLPs were down, but not as much as the S&P 500, buoyed by higher oil and natural gas prices.  The broader market was sunk this week by weak early earnings, uncertainty about next week's earnings and perhaps some fatigue. Things in the energy markets never stay the same for too long, natural gas is now driving certain MLPs higher, ethane has reached

MLP Conference Hacks

Life today is all about finding hacks.  There are “life hack” themed blogs out there that are very popular, most offering tips on how to improve productivity and cut through information overload we all face.  Lifehacker and Lifehack are examples.  Most hacks are dedicated to finding a better or cheaper way to get the same results of a traditional and

MLP Week Thoughts: Fresh All-Time Highs Again

MLPs closed this week at brand new all-time highs after gaining another 2.3% this week, outpacing a big week from the S&P 500 (+1.5%).  10-year treasury yield was up 9 basis points and oil prices were down sharply, but both of those negative forces were overwhelmed by strong broad market move and continued natural gas strength.  Also of note below is