Week Thoughts: All Flinch No Paddle as MLPs Reach New Heights

MLPs were up big again this week (Alerian MLP Index up 1.8%), this time the S&P 500 was up as well, joining the MLP Index in "all-time high" country. Oil, natural gas, propane and ethane were all up sharply this week, the quad-fecta.  Interest rates dropped slightly. MLPs were up 3 out of 4 days, with the bulk of the move this week happening on

Week Thoughts: (Another) Year of the MLP Continues

MLPs posted their biggest weekly gain of the year since the first week of the year when MLPs posted a 7.0% gain on the Euphoria following the New Years Eve deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.  That week's gains came when the S&P 500 went up 4.6%.  This week's gains were against the grain of a flat market. This week's gains (as far as I can tell) were

MLP Week Thoughts: Friendly Five Day Fade

Unlike the DJIA, MLPs did not make a new high this week. In fact, the Alerian MLP Index was down each day this week and down 0.8% overall. 5 negative days in a row hasn't happened since a 5-day streak that ended 12/28/12 and the 7-day streak in early November (immediately post election). The last two streaks saw much more severe declines in value than

Week Thoughts: MLPs Reach New High, Caution Flag Up

With the S&P 500 up 2.2% and the alerian mlp index up just 1.5%, MLPs lagged the market this week, but did make a brand new all time high, and a new 12 month low yield.  Commodity prices were up with natural gas making the biggest move, up 5.0% this week and helped by Thursday's storage report.  For the year, MLP Index is up 13.5%, 15.1% with

MLP Week Thoughts: Drop Down Bonanza Closes Huge M&A Month

MLPs edged up again this week, and so did the broader stock market.  The MLP Index finished February up 0.87% including distributions, which was the weakest February performance since 2009 (-5.4%).  March has been a weaker than average month for MLPs, and was  down in 2012 and 2011.  I would not be surprised to see MLPs drop slightly as a sector in