Week Thoughts: MLP Ex-Dating Game Begins

MLPs were roughly flat this week, after the MLP Index was up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then dropped Thursday and Friday.   The S&P had a better week, up 1.8%, trading up each day of the week until a slight drop on Friday.  We've entered MLP ex-dividend season where distributions get paid and MLPs experience short term price drops.  This seasonal

Week Thoughts: MLPs Keep Running

MLPs were mixed this week, but the MLP Index inched slightly higher, following last week's +1.9% gain.  It was the worst week of the year so far for the S&P 500, which makes the MLP outperformance more meaningful.   Commodity trends continued from last week. Gold, which was down 6.0% last week, was down another 6.0% this week.  Oil, which was down

MLP Week Thoughts: Paper Bought, Oil & Gold Sold

By Tuesday, the MLP Index had made up all of last week's 2.2% decline as the MLP Index made fresh highs again.  But Wednesday through Friday, the Index drifted lower, closing the week up 1.9% over last week.   The recent trends in commodity prices continued with natural gas prices reaching levels not seen since July 2011 and closing up 2.5%, while oil

Week Thoughts: Worst Week of 2013 for MLPs

MLPs under-performed this week with a 2.2% decline, giving back all of the last 2 weeks worth of gains.  In 2013 so far, only 4 out of 14 weeks have been down, and this was the worst of the 4 down weeks of the year.  Weak unemployment claims, then weak employment data sunk the broader market.  Oil, propane and ethane prices plunged as well, contributing

MLP Quarterly Wrapping

Thought I'd take a break from watching what may end up being the worst day for MLPs so far this year (and will certainly end up being the worst day for refining stocks so far this year), and look back on what was a blissful quarter for MLP investors, the likes of which we've never seen.  What follows are a sampling of charts that breakdown that quarter's