Week Thoughts: MLP Buddy System

The MLP Index surged 2.5% this week on expectations of continued easy money from the Fed and on excitement around continued MLP consolidation from the huge announcement that Devon and XTXI / XTEX will be joining forces.  The S&P 500 was up just 0.9%, but hit a fresh all tiem high and has well outperformed the MLP Index on a year over year basis (not

MLP Week Thoughts: Trading Places

MLPs were along for the ride this week (MLP Index +1.7%), rising in tandem with the broader market's rally (S&P 500 +2.4%, closing the week at fresh all-time highs).  The oil futures price dropped to nearly $100/bbl on the November contract, and natural gas was roughly flat.  The market liked that the U.S. was able to avoid default and that the

Week Thoughts: MLP Deal Hydrant Gushes

While the world awaits the inevitable last-minute deal out of Washington DC that might save the U.S. from a debt default, MLPs are having no trouble doing deals.  Around $7.5bn worth of M&A deals were announced, and nearly $800mm of equity and $750mm of debt priced this week.  Also, HCLP announced a settlement of the Baker Hughes lawsuit albatross.

Two Questions: Valuation and Fear

This blog may be one of the least interactive on the web...  So, we're going to try something new here at MLPguy: a poll.   I'd love to have your answers to 2 simple questions.  Thanks!   If you have more to add, please leave a comment or shoot me an email. Other questions you want to suggest for a future poll would be helpful as well.

Week Thoughts: Stalemate in DC, Stocks and MLPs

It was a pretty boring week for the market, but there is a pretty intense staring contest going on in Washington DC (which for me personally is not helping to replace the drama void the end of Breaking Bad left behind)... The MLP Index and the S&P 500 ended flat week over week.  Also, commodities and treasuries were flat as well.  We love personifying