Week Thoughts: MLPs in Mid-Season Form

The MLP Index was up each day this week, and 2.3% overall, capping a record-setting August with a fourth straight positive week.  In total, the MLP Index produced 8.1% total return in August, the best August on record for the MLP Index.  This came after the worst July ever for the index at -3.6%.  In case the extremes continue into September, the worst

Week Thoughts: MLPs Up Despite Heavy Price for Light Oil

MLPs (+0.5%) followed the broad market (S&P 500 +1.7%) higher this week.  The MLP Index was down on Friday, breaking a 6 day winning streak, and marking just the 2nd negative day in the last 10 trading days, over which time the index rose 6.4%.   MLP Index returns were held back by some deal hangover weakness in EPB (-2.1%) and KMP

Week Thoughts: Rising Boat Lifts MLP Tide

Kinder Morgan’s big Sunday announcement sent MLPs into a tizzy, read more about the deal here.  The MLP Index was up 5.3% this week, with much of that attributable to just 2 MLPs (EPB and KMP) that make up more than 10% of the Alerian MLP Index.  5%+ weeks are very rare.  There was a period of 6 years from 2002 to 2008 that the MLP Index had no such

The Big Rich

In the media, there is the concept of a pre-written obituary.  News outlets (TV and print) prepare segments and obituaries in advance of a celebrity’s death, so they have facts straight and are ready to publish when the famous person dies.  The New York Times apparently has a database of more than 1,200 pre-written obituaries, with the oldest one

Week Thoughts: MLP Bleeding Stopped, Export Story Intact

The Alerian MLP Index broke its 7-day losing streak in a big way on Monday with a 2.1% pop, the best day for the MLP Index all year.  That huge day was followed by the first day of the year that all 50 MLPs were down on the same day, resulting in a 1.8% decline overall that erased most of Monday’s gains.  The rest of the week was much less volatile,

MLP Week Thoughts: That Escalated Quickly

MLPs declined every day this week, making it 7 straight days of declines for the MLP Index since last Wednesday.  The Alerian MLP Index was down 5.0% (4.2% including distributions) in what was the worst trading week for MLPs in 15 months. 48 of the 50 names in the index were down.  The widespread, nearly universal selloff was concentrated on the large