Week Thoughts: Correlation (with Stocks) Drives MLPs Higher

MLPs continued to recover this week from the early October correction, with gains each day of the week except for Wednesday when the entire market sold off in the last few hours of trading.  The Alerian MLP Index posted gains of 3.1%, despite declines in commodity prices (Oil -1.0% and natural gas -3.8%, both near 52-week lows).  MLP performance was

Week Thoughts: MLP Indiscrimination

After last week’s slaughter, MLPs dropped further to start the week, but snapped back Wednesday and Thursday.  MLPs were flat Friday and finished up 2.0% overall this week, well ahead of the S&P 500 and utilities.  The turnaround mid-week was extraordinary, reminiscent of a few years ago during the debt ceiling issue or during the global financial

Week Thoughts: Oil Outbreak Spreads to MLPs

As noted and discussed in my Friday post, the Alerian MLP Index was down 7.0% this week, and the Alerian MLP Equal Weight Index was down 7.7%, which is explained mostly by smaller-weighted upstream MLPs vastly underperforming, and mega-weighted KMP outperforming. The interesting thing to note about the Equal Weight Index is that after this week’s

MLP Checkup

MLPs were in free fall this week, the likes of which we haven’t seen since August 2011.  The Alerian MLP Index officially reached correction levels intra-day on Friday, reaching its lowest point since late March of this year.  At its low point for the day, the index was down 5.6% intra-day, 13.0% in 15 trading days since September 19th, and 13.5% since

Week Thoughts: MLP Generation Gap

MLPs declined for the second straight week, with the Alerian MLP Index down 0.3%.  The Equal Weight version of the Alerian for the second straight week was significantly lower than the cap-weighted version, highlighting the broad-based nature of the recent selloff.  Utilities were up 1.5% and interest rates were down this week, so it seems like MLPs