Week Thoughts: World Caught Offside, MLPs Stay Onside

MLPs carried a streak of 7 straight positive days into Friday’s market-crushing Brexit debacle.  The MLP Index declined 3.3% Friday, but had banked enough gains earlier in the week to finish up 1.5% since last Friday. Oil prices recovered to more than $50/bbl by Thursday, which helped MLPs keep the momentum going from last week.  Also, news

Week Thoughts: MLPs Outperform as Votes Loom

MLPs found themselves caught up in global risk off action early in the week as fears over Brexit spread across Europe, pushing the dollar higher and oil prices lower.  After dipping below 300 briefly in the morning Tuesday, the MLP Index recovered, trading up the last 3 days of the week, defying falling oil prices Wednesday and Thursday, and digesting the

MLP Week Thoughts: Pumping the Brakes

MLPs continued last week’s rally early on this week, adding an additional 2.9% over Monday and Tuesday, helped by strength in commodity prices.  The rally faded late in the week, picking up downside momentum Friday when oil prices dropped back below $50/bbl in a broad market sell-off. MLPs closed the week down 0.2% overall, with large cap strength

Week Thoughts: Half Full Glasses Back On

MLPs traded up 3 out of 4 days this week to resume the rally that paused last week, finishing up 2.9% over last Friday.  MLPs rallied despite lower oil prices, helped by a surge in natural gas prices, supportive interest rates, MLP conference enthusiasm and an MLP rollup that the market actually likes. MLP Conference The hot topics at the