Week Thoughts: MLPs Maintain on Mailbox Money

MLPs have entered distribution ex-date season, which means while the price index declined for the week overall, MLPs were slightly positive when factoring in distributions.  Anticipation of those distributions may have supported MLPs relative to the broad energy sector over the last two weeks, even as the rate of distribution cuts remains alarmingly high.

Week Thoughts: Chaotic Commodities Can’t Crush MLPs

MLPs showed resilience in the face of sharply lower commodity prices  across the board this week, declining slightly despite oil prices dropping below $50/bbl again.  That resilience was at least partially the reversal of last week’s MLP underperformance vs. strong commodity prices. Again and again throughout the week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday and

Week Thoughts: Are we There Yet?

The glorious upward trajectory promised by eleven straight positive Aprils has yet to materialize.  MLPs dropped 1.8% this week, underperforming REITs and utilities (both positive, helped by dropping interest rates) and the S&P 500.  The positive backdrop of continued oil price strength and declining interest rates were overwhelmed by a large equity

Week Thoughts: Market Lacks, MLPs Luster

MLPs ticked up 0.8%, beating a flattish market in a week where not much moved, including utilities and interest rates.  Commodity prices did move up, helping nudge MLPs higher and keep momentum from last week going.  Oil broke through $52.00, finishing the week on a high note, but still down 2.8% for the year.  The broad market was eerily quiet this

Week Thoughts: MLP Comfort Zone

MLPs caught some positive oil correlation this week, bouncing back 2.1%.  MLPs finished the week/month/quarter strong with a 1.4% gain Friday.  MLPs beat the S&P 500 and utilities for the week. There’s a sappy quote I came across on the internet about comfort zone from an unknown source: “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing