Week Thoughts: Back to the Futures

The MLP index pushed higher Monday and Tuesday to reach its highest point since 5/2, before falling back again the last 3 days of the week on weaker oil prices and due to challenge of funding a large equity deal on a Friday before a long weekend. Now that OPEC is behind us, and now that we’ve had 7 straight weekly declines in U.S. oil inventory,

Week Thoughts: Think Global, Buy Local…MLPs

MLPs finished the week strong, rallying 1.8% combined on Thursday and Friday, which was just enough to climb back to even after a 1.9% drop Wednesday.  The selloff Wednesday seemed 100% based on broad stock market weakness, a frustrating headwind when oil prices have been relatively strong of late.  WTI oil futures have traded up in 8 of the last 9 days,

Week Thoughts: Plains Stains, MLPs Remain Positive

MLPs alternated up and down days all week, but finished with a positive Friday that helped the MLP Index finish the week up 0.6% including distributions.  The best day was Wednesday, when MLPs rallied 1.5% on oil price strength following the latest U.S. inventory data points. MLPs still have quite a bit of catching up to do relative to utilities and

Week Thoughts: Transition Offense

MLPs struggled under the weight of oil prices and dropped 2.1% (including distributions) this week.  MLPs have declined in 3 of the last 4 weeks.  The familiar whiff of panic was in the air on Thursday and into Friday when overnight oil prices traded below $44/bbl.  Thursday was the worst day of the year for MLPs.  Friday spelled relief for oil prices