Week Thoughts: Renovating in Place

The MLP boycott continued this week with MLPs plumbing fresh 2017 lows on Tuesday and early Wednesday, before a modest reversal that left MLPs down 2.7% on the week overall.  Oil prices were lower early in the week, but recovered to finish basically flat, along with the S&P 500 and utilities.  MLPs were the negative outlier. MLPs dropped 1.7%

Week Thoughts: Astride the Upside Down

For a second straight week, MLP Index price returns and total returns straddled 0%; total returns finished just above zero with the aid of distributions. Oil price strength continued, reaching its highest level since July 2015 (above $57/bbl), before consolidating late in the week.  An early cold snap hit the northeast, pushing up natural gas

Distribution Checks

It’s been a while since we published a whitepaper on MLPs, which I chalk up to having had little additional insight to offer beyond reporting weekly ups and downs of the sector as it continues its bumpy transition towards a better business model. NEW WHITEPAPER AT CBRECLARION.COM But recently, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by distribution

Week Thoughts: SelfFundMe Campaign

MLP prices were down for a 4th straight week, but counting distributions (and they do still count!) MLPs produced a slightly positive return overall, despite Thursday’s 2% decline.  Strong oil and natural gas prices, solid earnings overall were balanced against tax reform uncertainty and distribution ex-dates, both of which held MLPs back from a more