Week Thoughts: Roses are Red, Midstream is Green

MLPs finished positive for the week, but underperformed the rest of Midstream, the S&P 500, utilities, and oil prices.   The broader energy infrastructure index (AMEI) traded better on the back of a strong week in Canadian Midstream and some of the larger U.S. Midstream Corporations. Midstream earnings released this week were better than last

Week Thoughts: MLPs Bleeding Green

More pain for midstream and MLP stocks this week.  The negative factors from last week remained, but oil prices piled on this week.  Oil prices are on a 6-day losing streak and broke below $60/bbl Friday.  Stocks were volatile, and midstream/MLPs held up ok on a relative basis and have been a decent place to hide the last few weeks if you avoided the

Week Thoughts: E-Brakes Slam Midstream

In a rough week for stocks of all kinds, energy stocks and midstream/MLPs stood out as particularly weak.  The MLP Index declined 5.9%, including distributions, the first 5%+ decline week in nearly two years (since February 2016).  The 10-year treasury rate rose another 17 basis points, and sits just 17 more bps from 3.00%.  Oil prices held up well and