Which element of the idealized MLP Model 2.0 do you see as being most widely adopted by MLPs over the long-term?

  • All of the above (30%)
  • Distribution coverage ratio above 1.2x (23%)
  • Net Debt / EBITDA ratio consistently below 4.0x (22%)
  • Permanent incentive distribution rights (IDR) reduction or elimination (18%)
  • None of the above (7%)

Total Voters: 161

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MLP Week Thoughts: Pumping the Brakes

MLPs continued last week’s rally early on this week, adding an additional 2.9% over Monday and Tuesday, helped by strength in commodity prices.  The rally faded late in the week, picking up downside momentum Friday when oil prices dropped back below $50/bbl in a broad market sell-off. MLPs closed the week down 0.2% overall, with large cap strength

Week Thoughts: Half Full Glasses Back On

MLPs traded up 3 out of 4 days this week to resume the rally that paused last week, finishing up 2.9% over last Friday.  MLPs rallied despite lower oil prices, helped by a surge in natural gas prices, supportive interest rates, MLP conference enthusiasm and an MLP rollup that the market actually likes. MLP Conference The hot topics at the

Week Thoughts: Clenching & Clinching Pre-Conference

MLPs declined 1.1% this week, pausing after the recent surge that took the index above 300.  The index was down despite an oil price and broad market rally.  The equal weight version of the MLP Index was essentially flat, and absent PAA (-11% this week) it would have been positive, so action wasn’t as bad as the overall index would
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