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April 13, 2011

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2011 MLP Conference

I got the registration email for the MLP conference today, thought I’d pass it along to you.  Come on down to Greenwich May 25-26.  The conference is always an interesting time to wander the halls and get a feel for the very real cliques among the investors in the space as well as the lawyers, bankers and brokers.  There will be bankers wining and dining with management teams, nerdy investors letting loose with down to earth billionaire CEOs….and its always fun to watch Eagle Rock CFO Jeff Wood hold court in the bar.

Given the number of IPOs we’ve had, I’m excited to see some new faces amongst MLP management and investors that may show up.
If you make it out to the conference, shoot me an email and we’ll have a drink.  Click here to register.  There won’t be any rooms at the Hyatt, had to book mine a few months ago.

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