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September 10, 2012

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Column: What to Expect When Expecting...An MLP Equity Offering

If you or your spouse are currently pregnant or have birthed a child in the last 20 years or so, you’ve probably leafed through the book What to Expect When Expecting.  The book was published nearly 30 years ago (1984) and has sold around 20mm copies, putting in a league with The Hunger Games (23mm copies) and Who Moved my Cheese? (26mm), which despite their titles have nothing to do with pregnancy…  Apparently someone even adapted it into a movie (that I don’t remember hearing about at all when it opened in May) starring Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and Chris Rock among others.

The book covers all you would every want to know about being pregnant and it has drawn criticism for increasing paranoia among first time mothers (as if that were possible).  I read it when we were pregnant with our first in 2007.  It was good to read then, but it could have been potentially life-altering to have read it before we got pregnant, and I would strongly recommend that newly married (and non-pregnant couples) be required to read it, just so you know what you’re getting into, because I can honestly say I had no idea.

Anyway, back to MLPs, I wrote a column at titled “What to Expect When Expecting…An MLP Equity Offering”.  It’s inevitable (unless you only own variable distribution MLPs, ARLP or the GPs) that MLPs in your portfolio will issue equity, probably at least once a year.  The key is not to freak out about it.  That’s basically the premise of the article, sort of the opposite of the pregnancy book.  My point at the end of the article is to reduce hysteria and stress around follow-ons.
Read the article here.


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