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December 29, 2012

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Week Thoughts: MLPs Return Last Week's Christmas Present

MLPs were up 2.3% last week, then down 2.3% this week, so we’ve just basically given back the pre-Christmas present we got last week…


Just one more trading day left…it will certainly be good to say goodbye to this year, and hello to a fresh start, even if that start is from the bottom of a cliff.     The MLP Index will finish up for the year, but only by including the distributions.  Commodity prices were up for the week, with oil up 2.3% and propane up 6.8% for the week.  Its been a pretty ugly year for liquids this year, including oil, but at least natural gas has shown a bit of life of late.    I’ll be brief with this post after my posting binge yesterday (2012 Prop Bet Review and 2013 Prop Bet Lines).  I expect to do a mid-week review of the final numbers for the year, so look for that amidst all the meaningless bowl games on New Years Day…
Weekly Review_12-28-12
Winners & Losers
RNO led the winners this week.   The other distressed coal MLP (OXF) was down big again.  WES made a rare trip to the bottom five.  NRGY had a positive week after leading the losers last week.  Virtually no news this week and light volume all around, so not sure you can make anything of these moves.


With the big drop this week, CLMT is making the race to be crowned the biggest winner of the year a close one.  MPLX popped into the top 5 this week, replacing TLLP.  With their big weeks, RNO and NRGY escaped the bottom five, replaced by BPL and EROC.


 GPs and variable distribution MLPs, on the right of this chart, have been the big winners of the MLP space this year.


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