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About Hinds Howard

I am a Portfolio Manager at CBRE Clarion Securities responsible for evaluating listed master limited partnerships (“MLPs”) and energy infrastructure companies in North America.

Prior to joining CBRE Clarion Securities in 2013, I worked as a portfolio manager and partner managing separate accounts with an MLP investment focus at Guzman Investment Strategies.

Prior to joining Guzman, I co-founded and served as a portfolio manager for Curbstone Group, a registered investment advisor managing Curbstone’s investments in MLPs. I previously worked for Lehman Brothers analyzing and modeling public and private energy MLPs, first in the investment banking division and subsequently for a fund investing in MLPs. I have over 10 years of listed MLP and North American energy investment experience.

I am a native of Houston, TX, graduated from Boston University, and received my MBA from Babson College. I also have been the author of MLPguy since 2009, which I continue to update with weekly commentary and interesting items of note related to the MLP marketplace.