Authors: Hinds Howard


Week Thoughts: Midstream Furious Finish

Midstream had another huge week on still more follow-through of positive sentiment shift that’s occurred over the last 5 weeks...


Midstream Movember: Updated Returns Through Month End

Because the end of the month fell on a Monday, we felt it might be useful to post a wrap...


Week Thoughts: Midstream Parade Goes On

Energy stocks (midstream included) continued their recent run of positive stock performance in this short week, helped by ongoing positive...


Week Thoughts: Midstream Hosts Another Large Gathering

Another vaccine update, another rally for energy stocks and midstream stocks. Midstream was green all week until taking a breather...


Week Thoughts: Midstream Goes Green on Vaccine

Energy stocks were buoyed by the big vaccine news Monday, and the gains held for the week overall. XOP spiked...


Week Thoughts: Stocks Get Mandate, Midstream Flips Red

The market (and midstream for most of the week) seemed to shrug off the ongoing presidential election malaise this week.


Week Thoughts: Pain Distributed Across Markets, Midstream

Midstream and MLPs returned to earth this week, following lower oil prices and the market lower. Solid earnings reports from...


Week Thoughts: MLPs Ramp into Earnings

MLPs resumed their October rebound this week with their best week since early August. Energy stocks outside of midstream also...


Week Thoughts: Midstream Flattens Friday

Midstream and MLPs looked to be coasting to a third straight week of solid gains, but a sharp selloff across...


Week Thoughts: Midstream Unchained, MLP Eruption

MLPs followed up last week’s modest bounce with a huge week in a risk-on surge for equity markets, commodity markets...